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Corporate Profile

Philtrust Bank is one of the oldest banks in the Philippines banking horizon, endowed with mature and stable traditions of banking services and practices and loyal clientele all nurtured from years of existence. It is a publicly listed universal bank that offers an array of bank products and services comparable with the best in the industry.  Philtrust client base encompasses retail, middle-market and corporate customers. It hjas maintained through the years a multitude of dependable clients that values personal based service, healthy balance of liquid assets, a robust asset quality that minimizes risk and a stable and adequate capital base. New high networth clients are enticed to the bank with Philtrust due to its conservative approach to banking operation, which they regard as an added safety measure of protecting entrusted funds.

The Bank's wide network of branches is on-line and deposit transactions are done on near real time basis to address clients' ever changing demands. Deposit products are denominated in Philippine peso and foreign currencies principally US dollar. A range of loan products designed to adjust to the needs of individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate entities are available. Foreign currency transactions such as foreign letters of credit and remittances are on hand for interested customers. Trust services such as fund management, handling escrow arrangement, and guardianship services are also available. Bank clients can also avail of other allied banking services in nearly all branches nationwide.

Bank is well capatilizes and even exceeds capital adequance requirements of regulators. Integrity and dedication define the character of the management team led by the board of directors that steers the operations of the bank. Compared with its peers in the industry, Philtrust Bank may be considered as the least to be affected when financial storm comes. As it nears a century of existence, the Bank aims to be top of the mind of the banking public.