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Personal Trust Services

In line with the bank's thrust to promote financial and other services, we are pleased to offer PHILTRUSTBANK's line of Trust products and services:

  • Living Trust Account (LTA)

A trust agreement between Trust Department and the trustor during his lifetime, with the purpose of providing for the financial need of himself and his/her designated beneficiaries.

  • Life Insurance Trust

PTC shall handle the filing of insurance claims, management of the life insurance proceeds and disbursements of the funds based on the client's wishes as indicated in the dispositive provisions of the Trust Agreement. This could be either revocable or irrevocable trust.

  • Testamentary Trust

A trust agreement created by will to take effect upon the death of the trustor. It involves the management of properties and/or funds upon death of testator, pending full distribution to beneficiaries subject to conditions set forth in the trust.

  • Administratorship

A trust agreement for the administration of properties or funds under property administration agreement or under orders of court of competent jurisdiction to manage and distribute the estate of decease person without will.

  • Guardianship

A trust agreement whereby PTC is appointed by court of competent jurisdiction to manage the properties or funds of a minor, an incompetent or incapacitated person.

  • Directional Investment Management Account (DIMA)

The DIMA is an Agency Arrangement and as such, the investor shall retain legal title to funds at all times. This type of investment management service is available to individuals and corporate accounts with the primary objective of wealth build up or wealth accumulation.

The Trust Department acts as investment/portfolio manager with primary intention of capital preservation, income generation and growth. Types of investments are bank deposits, government securities, corporate bonds, equities, Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITF) and mutual funds, other alternative investments which are prudently assessed and evaluated to balance safety, liquidity and profitability, according to investors' requirements and risk appetite.