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Mission, Vision and Values

 The specific Vision and Mission and Core Values, focused on the optimization of an effective and profitable utilization of Bank’s God-given resources, are:

  • culled through wide consultations with and active participations of  bank management and all other stakeholders;
  • based on  dynamic and flexible modern-banking concept implemented as a rolling plan which can be modified or altered to  attune with recent development;
  • practiced by PTC for almost a century (99 years) embedded  in its corporate culture and  administration, founded  on strong  good governance, backed by  public credibility, and carried out with great transparency and accountability; and
  • Guiding the Bank and its Management, in the continuous pursuit of its institutional mandate and corporate social responsibilities to; the government regulators, its stakeholders and the general public.

PTC's Vision and Mission

Guided and inspired by the providential wisdom that “WHOMEVER MUCH IS GIVEN, MUCH IS EXPECTED” Philtrust Bank and its Management adopted the concept and philosophy that:

  1. The business of banking is forever;
  2. Banks as stewards of private and public wealth are accountable not only to its clientele, the public, the regulators but  primarily, to God, the source of all riches.      
  3. The authority of bank is a public trust;

PTC's Core Values

V-aluing, caring and empowering others;

A-ccountability, trustworthiness and integrity;

L-ifelong learning as individuals and as an organization;

U-nited and loyal to the institution, team and to one another;

E-xcellence in all endeavors as an individual and as an organization;

S-ocial responsibility as a citizen of the Filipino Nation and of the World.