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International Services

We offer the best solutions that would best fit your needs, trend, brand and style that will reduce your burden by maximizing and stretching cash flows and when necessary, expediency and adjustments would be put in place for the financing of your domestic purchases, imports and exports business.

  1. Buying of Foreign Currencies
    • Client should have an account with Philtrust bank. Walk-clients are also accepted but with limit to the amount of foreign currency for conversion. Two valid lDs are required.
    • We offer competitive exchange rates for your foreign currency transactions. Please send us an e-mail at [email protected] or call us at (02) 5249061 local 190,126 and 192 and know more about the requirements and details of our above products and services.
  2. Export Bills Purchased under Letters of Credit (LC):
    • Short term financing facility for exporters
    • Bridge finance for exports under LC
    • Real-time processing/same day releases of proceeds
    • Special accommodations and discounts available on a case to case basis
  3. Export Bills for Collection:
    • Proceeds are released upon credit confirmation by our correspondent banks
  4. Export Packing Credit Loans:
    • Credit financing against exporter's:
    • Letter of Credit
    • Purchase Order
    • Sales Contract
  5. Import Letter of Credit:
    • Import LC
    • Domestic LC
    • Offshore LC Transaction
    • Standby LC

The above products require credit facilities or lines.

Terms of Payment:
  • Sight LC
  • Usance LC
  • Deferred LC
  • Revolving LC
Other Payment Options:
  • Trust Receipt
  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Assignment of Proceeds (Back to Back LC)
  1. Non-LC Mode of Importations:
    • Documents Against Payment (DP)
    • Documents Against Acceptance (DA)
    • Open Account (OA)
    • Direct Remittance (DR)
    • Advance Payment (AP)

The above products require no credit facilities or lines.

  1. Other Trade Services:
    • Collection of Advance and Final Duties and Taxes and Import Processing Fees
    • Shipping Guarantees/Shipside Bond
  2. Inward Remittances and Outward Remittances of Pesos and Foreign Currencies for both local and foreign electronic wire transfers using the Swift System:
    • Real-time processing
    • Safe and Convenient
    • Fast and Reliable

Fees and Charges

1. Credit to Peso Savings Account (S/A) or Current Account (C/A)
     a. Doc. Stamps Php0.60 for every Php200.00 or fraction thereof
     b. Commission Php250.00
2. Credit to U.S. Dollar Account
USD500 - & BELOW USD7.50
USD501 - USD1,000 USD15.00
USD1,001 - USD1,500 USD20.00
USD1,501 - USD2,500 USD22.50
USD2,501 - USD5,000 USD27.50
USD5,001 - USD10,000 USD30.00
USD10,001 - USD20,000 USD32.50
USD20,001 - USD40,000 USD35.00
USD40,001 - USD50,000 USD37.50
USD50,001 - USD100,000 USD40.00
USD100,001 - USD250,000 USD50.00
USD250,001 - USD500,000 USD55.00
USD500,001 - USD750,000 USD65.00
USD750,001 - USD1,000,000 USD75.00
USD1,000,001 - USD1,250,000 USD85.00
USD1,250,001 - USD1,500,000 USD95.00
USD1,500,001 - & ABOVE 0.00007
3. Via PDDTS payable to an account with another bank the same as above
4. Proceeds in Peso Manager's Check (MC)
     a. Doc. Stamps Php0.60 for every Php200.00 or fraction thereof
     b. Processing Fee Php100.00
Import Letters of Credit (LC)
1. Documentary Stamps (Domestic and Foreign LC) Php0.60 for every Php200.00 or fraction thereof
2. Import LC Openings
     a. Commission
          a.1. Sight, Usance Credit

1/4 of 1% first 60 days,

1/8 of 1% every 30 days

thereafter minimum of Php1,000.00

          a.2. Domestic LCs the same as above
          a.3. Cable Charges Php2,000.00
3. Import LC Amendments
          a.1. Increase in Amount of Credit 1/4 of 1% of increase in LC value amount minimum of Php1,000.00
          a.2. Extension of Credit Based on the outstanding balance, 1/8 of 1% per month minimum of Php 1,000.00
          a.3. Other Amendments Php 1,000.00
          a.4. Cable Charges Php 1,000.00
4. Import LC Negotiations Php 1,000.00 if account is closed within 60 days from date of opening
I. Imports - LC
     a. Sight Bills
          a.1. Commission drawings against expired LC 1/8 of 1% of Principal/Value minimum of Php1,000.00
          a.2. Doc. Stamps Php0.60 for every Php200.00 or fraction thereof
          a.3. Excess Drawings 1/4 of 1% of amount over and above LC value minimum of Php1,000.00
      b. Usance Bills
          b.1. Commitment Fee (Draft Drawn on Accountee) 1/4 of 1% every month, minimum of Php1,000.00
          b.2. Domestic Bills  1/4 of 1% every month, minimum of Php1000.00
          b.3. Handling Fee for Self-Funded Import Bill 1/4 of 1% of face value
          b.4. Cable Charge Php1,000.00
II. Inward Bills
     a. Booking/Acceptance (DA,OA)
         a.1. Handling Charge Php1,000.00
         b.2. Cable Charge Php,1000.00
     b. Negotiation/Remittance (DA,OA,DR,DP,AP)
         b.1. Commission 1/4 of 1% of Principal/Value minimum of Php1,000.00
         b.2. Cable Charge Php1,000.00
         b.3. Doc. Stamps Php0.60 for every Php200.00 or Fraction thereof
III. Domestic Bills
     a. Negotiation/Payment  
         Handling Charge Php1,000.00

5. Trust Receipts

Interest at prevailing standard/current/approved/contracted/negotiated rate. Penalty for past due accounts at prevailing standard current rate of 2% per month or the approved/contracted/negotiated rate

         Documentary Stamps Php1.50 for every Php200.00 or fraction thereof of the
principal amount of TR on original issue of 1 year. For less
than 1 year, a proportional amount in accordance with the
ratio of its term in number of days over 365 days.
6. Others
     a. Shipside Bonds (SSB)
         a.1. Commission Php 500.00
         a.2. Penalty Php 500.00 per month after 30 days
         a.3. Doc. Stamps Php 3.00 per cancelled guaranty
     b. Service of Customs Duties
         b.1. For each entry (Final Duties) Php 500.00
         b.2. For Import Entry Declaration (IED) Php 500.00
         b.3. E2M PAS5 Enrollment Php 100.00
Export Letters of Credit (LC)
1. Export LC Advising
     a. Advising Fee
       a.1. For CLIENT No Charge
       a.2. For NON - CLIENT Php 1,200.00
2. Export LC Amendment
     a. Amendment Fee
        a.1. For CLIENT No Charge
        a.2. For NON - CLIENT Php 900.00
3. Export LC Negotiations
     a. Commission
                 a.1. Drafts Purchased in Transit (if paid in Pesos) No Charge
     b. Postage Courier Service per Document, Php 1,000.00 minimum
     c. Doc. Stamps Php 0.60 for every Php 200.00 or fraction thereof
     d. Cable Charge Php 1000.00
4. Documentary Collections
     a. Outgoing Bills (if paid in foreign currency)
        a.1. Handling Fee in lieu of exchange 1/4 of 1% of draft amount
        a.2. Courier Service  Php 1,000.00 minimum per document
        a.3. Documentary Stamps Php 0.60 for every Php 200.00 or fraction thereof
        a.4. Cable Charge (if applicable) Php 1000.00