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Trust Products and Services

Custodial Services

We can take care of safekeeping your investments in stocks and other marketable securities, and release the same upon your specific written instructions. We'll even cover other ministerial concerns such as collection of dividend and interest, subscription to stock rights, conversion of securities and others on your behalf.

Employment Benefit or Retirement Plan

If you own a company, let the bank manage the retirement fund that you provide for your employees whether it's a pension or a provident fund.

Escrow Agency

Philtrust Bank could be a third and impartial party to hold and administer money, securities, property titles or documents in escrow contracts between you and another party, and the bank will see to it that the provisions of the escrow agreement are faithfully complied.

Life Insurance Trust
We will handle every aspect of your life insurance plan from the filing of insurance claims, to the management of the proceeds and disbursements, according to your wishes as indicated in the dispositive provisions of the Trust Agreement. This could either be a revocable or irrevocable trust.
Personal Living Trust
Together, we can plan and create a separate trust estate out of your general estate while you're still around and able, for your loved-ones and named beneficiary(ies).
Testamentary Trust
We can manage and protect your properties and funds upon your death, pending full distribution to your beneficiaries subject to conditions set forth in the Trust.
We can administer properties or funds under property administration agreement or under orders of court of competent jurisdiction to manage and distribute the estate of a deceased person without a written will.
The bank can administer the properties or funds of a minor, or an incompetent or incapacitated person through a trust agreement initiated by appointment of a court of competent jurisdiction.
Stock and Transfer Agency
PTC can enforce an agency agreement involving the issuance of original certificate of stocks of a company, custody of unissued certificates, replacement of lost or destroyed certificates and bookkeeping of stocks.
Directional Investment Management Account

Whether your an individual with investments or a representing a corporate entity, we can manage and invest your funds on investment outlets with your instructions in mind.